Welcome to Student Guest House!


Our Story               

We hosted Drexel Medical School interviewees for a number of years, closing in 2011 due to family obligations.

When our situation changed we realized we missed having students and began thinking about the possibility of having our student guest home again. We  had kept in touch with some of our former student guests who were now residents and physicians.

One evening, one of our former guests, a Drexel student who is finishing in May,  came for dinner; he encouraged us to to start up again, telling us his experience and that of other students was a very good one.

At Student Guest House, we are focused on students who are interviewing at Drexel Medical School and have designed our service to fit their needs.


We understand how important it is to do well on your interview and we can help you by providing comfortable accommodations;  you will have a good night's sleep, a good breakfast and a ride to the school in the morning.

Over the years, we have had lots of success and been given wonderful reviews by our guests at SDN